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California Wine Collector Who Defrauded Palm Beacher Bill Koch C

December 24, 2013 (AP) Health officials say test results have fallen within an expected range for a Southern California high school where a student was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Riverside County health officials said Monday that 126 students at Indio High School had positive skin tests for possible exposure to the contagious illness and are being asked to follow-up with chest X-rays. More than 1,300 people celebrities tapes were tested on Friday during a four-hour clinic at more information the school. The county health department says no more than 10 or 15 percent of students should test positive. Officials last week called for the testing after a student was diagnosed with tuberculosis in November. <br>Read more:

California School's TB Tests in Expected Range

schools chief Michelle Rhee. Cal State Fullerton professor Sarah Hill studies politics and education policy. Shes wary of the initiative process because it doesnt allow for fine tuning the way the legislative process does. Still, she thinks something should be done. "Theres getting to be public support and theres enough evidence of need for reform in California," she said. "I mean when youre ranked as poorly as California schools are, somethings wrong." If the ballot measure succeeds, it could be several years until its changes are carried out. The improving economy makes it unlikely that, at least for the foreseeable future,California schools will again see the large funding-based layoffs that began to cripple public schools in 2007. <br>Read more:

California governor Jerry Brown pardons 127, mostly for drugs

Prosecutors said money from the fraud funded a lavish lifestyle in suburban Los Angeles that included luxury cars, designer clothing and fine food and drinks. Mooney said all of Kurniawan's assets have been seized or have had liens placed against them, including the Arcadia home where his 67-year-old mother resides after she obtained asylum. The trial featured testimony from billionaire yachtsman, entrepreneur and wine investor William Koch, who said he was conned and cheated by Kurniawan into paying $2.1 million for 219 fake bottles of wine. "I was disappointed and I was angry," he testified. Koch says he's spent $4.5 million on 421 bottles of wine that turned out to be fakes. <br>Read more:

California's incarceration rate drops

Font Page 1 of 1 Ledy Ordonez isn't surprised that Latinos in California have been slow to sign up for coverage under federal health law, even though they've been a top priority for enrollments in the state. "They're scared," the 43-year-old Fremont woman said as she worked at her imported clothing and jewelry stand at a farmers' market in Oakland's Fruitvale neighborhood. "They're afraid if they put in an application for their children ... they'll get deported." Disappointing enrollment figures for Latinos are causing Covered California officials to rethink they way they reach out to this population, which is considered key to the success of the rollout of the Affordable Care Act in the state. Latinos account for click more than half the state's nearly 7 million uninsured residents, but they accounted for only about 13 percent of the enrollees in Covered California during the first two months of operation. They are important to the success of the Affordable Care Act in the state because they tend to be younger and healthier than the average population, and their participation will help create a balanced and affordable insurance pool. "The numbers are not ideal," said Santiago Lucero , spokesman for Covered California. <br>Read more:

Covered California pushing for more Latinos

Quan and Sara Abarbanel at the university's Criminal Justice Center. In 2010, jail inmates and probationers overseen by counties accounted for 56 percent of all adults under correctional control in California. In 2012, they accounted for 71 percent. The state is still responsible for prisoners and parolees, but they now make up slightly less than a third of the correctional population. The study also found that California now ranks below the national average in the proportion of adults it imprisons and places on parole. But its probation population, which is under county control, has exploded, from 311,692 people in 2010 to 416,414 people in 2012. <br>Read more:

California ballot measure would base teacher layoffs on performance, not seniority

Robberies, burglaries and thefts accounted for most of the rest. In one eyebrow-raising instance, a man drunkenly "stole his neighbor's lawn mower and some frozen food items," according to the pardon message. A California woman burglarized a home "and took food to feed her children," another message states. The number of people receiving pardons just before Christmas fell one short of the total number of pardons Brown handed down in 2012. Brown pardoned 128 convicted criminals in 2012, 79 of them on Christmas Eve, a marked increase from the 21 pardons he issued in 2011. The gubernatorial pardons came several days after President Obama commuted the sentences of eight federal inmates serving long terms for crack-cocaine related offenses, Obama's latest effort to soften a legacy of harsh drug-related penalties. PHOTO: Gov. <br>Read more:

Judge: California teen is brain dead after tonsil surgery

Paul Fisher, chief of pediatric neurology at Stanford Children's Hospital, to evaluate Jahi as an clicking here independent expert. Fisher testified Tuesday that Jahi meets the criteria for brain death. Alameda Superior Court Judge Evelio Grillo previously ruled that the hospital must hold off on any decisions regarding discontinuing life support until December 30 and encouraged both sides to work together. "This is a very, very charged case. The stakes are very high. There is a young girl involved, and I think it would suit both parties well if you would speak with each other about how we are going to get through the next few days," Grillo said. Attorney: Family needs to process judge's ruling Attorney Christopher Dolan said family members need to evaluate what the judge said on Tuesday before they decide on their next move. <br>Read more:

California Health-Insurance Site Sees Rush at Finish Line

Peter Lee, head of the state exchange known as Covered California, said Californians should make a good-faith effort to sign up by the end of Monday if they want coverage Jan. 1, but he said Covered California will help people get to the finish line if they start Monday and run into hurdles. Pages on the California website were taking three to eight seconds to load and wait times at the call center were running long. Its sort of like the election. If you are in line when the polls close you get to vote, Mr. Lee said of the decision to allow people to technically enroll past the Dec. 23 deadline. <br>Read more:

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Australia Shares End Up 0.7% Before Christmas Holidays

You must enter the verification code below to send. Invalid entry: Please type the verification code again. December 23, 2013, 11:29 p.m. economy showed further signs of strength. The benchmark S&P/ASX 200 closed up 0.7% at 5327.2 after hitting a three-week high of 5329.7. Westpac, CSL, Macquarie, Origin, Brambles, QBE, Insurance Australia, AMP and Crown rose at least 0.7%. BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Fortescue lagged after spot iron ore slipped 0.6% to US$131.90 following a further spike in China's short-term lending rates. <br>More:

Australia’s MH-60R Maritime Helicopters

DSCA request: support Feb 1/11: Competition. The Australian DoD makes an announcement concerning its MRH-90s : Mr Smith and Mr Clare also announced that a high-level comprehensive diagnostic review of the MRH-90 helicopter project would occur this month. As reported in both the Defence Annual Report and the ANAO Major Project Report released last year, the project has suffered delays of 12 months for the Navys helicopters and 18 months for the Armys helicopters. Delays are due to a series of key issues, including engine failure, transmission oil cooler fan failures and the poor availability of spares 13 MRH-90 helicopters have been accepted by Defence to date and are currently being used for testing and initial crew training. Minister Smith said that the full fitness diagnostic review would be supported by external specialists. It will provide recommendations to Government on the actions necessary to fully implement this important check it out project. 2009 2010 Competition announced and underway; US DSCA request. <br>More:

Australia Approves China State Grid Purchase of SP AusNet Stake

Low pressure just more information north of Australia looks to develop into a stronger storm by this weekend. The center of the disturbance will travel westward through the Timor Sea and into the eastern Indian Ocean. In doing so, the system will move into more favorable conditions for development, including warmer waters and weaker opposing winds. The storm currently looks to strengthen as it takes a turn towards the northwest coast of Australia, near the western Pilbara Coast or Gascoyne coast early next week. Expert Senior Meteorologist Jason Nicholls said, "Conditions look good for rapid strengthening this week and possible Tropical Cyclone Christine has the potential to be a strong storm late in the week." The above graphic shows the possible track of the disturbance late this week, heading towards Northwest Australia. RELATED: <br>More:

Australia Orders Banks to Raise Capital

to below 70 percent and instead can move to 100 percent ownership. Australia in November blocked Archer-Daniels-Midland Co.s takeover of GrainCorp Ltd. 12 weeks after Prime Minister Tony Abbott s [link] election-night vow that Australia is open for business. China State Grids Singapore Power accord is part of its global acquisition plan to boost profits limited by caps on electricity charges at home. Buying the stakes from Singapore Power adds to China State Grids investment in Australia after it agreed last year to buy 41.1 more.. percent of ElectraNet Pty, the operator of the main transmission network in South Australia . <br>More:

Developing Tropical Cyclone Near Australia

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank Ltd and Westpac Banking Corp already hold significant capital buffers and are expected to have sufficient reserves set aside to meet the extra requirements by the January 2016 deadline, the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority said. "APRA therefore does not believe that phase-in arrangements for the HLA (higher loss absorbency) requirement, beyond the two-year lead time, are necessary." The additional requirements for systemically important domestic banks are part of a global framework for financial institutions being overseen by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision aimed at preventing the kinds of failures and public bailout of banks that occurred in 2008. Australia's big four banks are among the world's largest and most profitable, having avoided the worst of the subprime mortgage crisis, risky lending and an investment banking bubble in the past decade. FILED UNDER: <br>More:

Australia sets additional capital requirements for big banks

23, 2013 9:43 p.m. ET SYDNEYAustralia's banking regulator ordered the nation's largest lenders to deepen capital reserves to protect themselves against economic shocks, tying up funds that might otherwise have been used to fatten dividend payments. Banks including Commonwealth Bank of Australia Ltd., the biggest by market value, and Westpac Banking Corp. will have to raise their capital buffers to 8% from 7% at the start of 2016, the Australian Prudential... <br>More:

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99 Problems...but Walking Ain't One: Nicki Minaj Is Flanked By T

A graffiti-inspired piece, the dress was very brightly coloured with both black and white scribbling across it. Skin-tight and eye-wateringly short, the dress certainly embodies Nickis personality loud, brash and quirky. She's wearing herself: Nicki wore a dress that's from her own spring/summer collection No wobbles here: The star made it to the concert in one piece and her bodyguards made sure she didn't trip or fall Nicki Minaj Collection: The star's personally designed dress barely contained her ample company website curves as she posed for a picture He's the man: Jay Z performed a series of his greatest hits to thousands of screaming fans The singer posed for a picture which she then posted to her Instagram account of herself wearing the dress, showing off her impressive curves. She captioned the striking photograph #SneakPeak and its currently unknown when the collection will be hitting the shops. But Nicki wasnt the only A-lister at Jay Zs Staple Centre concert; the singer, who calls herself and her fans Barbz in reference to looking like Barbie met heiress and real-life Barbie look-a-like Paris Hilton. The two Barbies: Nicki Minaj posed with Paris Hilton - but little did the pair know they were being photo bombed by a man in the backgroud Who's that girl? Khloe Kardashian looked fabulous at the concert with her hair half up and half down Wowzers: Heiress Paris Hilton arrived in an all-leather ensemble that was bound to set hearts racing Stage presence: The rapper held his own in the huge Los Angeles venue Run This Town: Jay Z attracted a star studded audience including Paris Hilton, Nicki Minaj and Khloe Kardashian The news pair posed for a picture which Nicki proceeded to post on Twitter with the caption Jay Z concert @ParisHilton. <br>Full story:

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Birth Control & Muscle Building

Along with your concerns about pill-related weight gain and whether the pill increases your risk of developing certain cancers, you might wonder if birth control pills hinder muscle development. There is some evidence that use of the pill can interfere with a female's muscle-building efforts, so if you take the pill and building muscle is a priority for you, speak to your doctor. Want to get in great shape? Learn more about LIVESTRONG.COM's nutrition and fitness program! Athletes and Birth Control Pills Women visit our website choose to take birth control pills for a variety of reasons, including to prevent pregnancy, control acne and regulate the menstrual cycle. more.. Elite female athletes often resort to taking the pill to regulate their periods. High-performance athletes and other highly active women often experience a decrease in estrogen levels as a result of their training, which can result in menstrual irregularities or complete absence of the monthly period. <br>Full story:

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Macauley Culkin Dating Actress Jordan Lane Price, Spotted Out To

In her suit, Hilton is requesting that the website be closed down and she wants to take ownership of the domain name the company had been using: The fact that some website decided to cash in off of Paris Hiltons decade old sex tape isnt the truly shocking part of this story; its more so that anyone would still be willing to pay to see that shit. When approached by TMZ at LAX Airport on Monday (25.11.13), she said: I never made a dollar, not one. I make enough money in nice ways, my fragrance makes enough, I dont need to worry about that. The revelation comes as the star continues to battle Slovenian website which is profiting from the movie which is now owned by Vivid. She added: I dont like people using my name to make money, especially in such a gross way, I had no idea [about the site] until I read about it on TMZ. Although Paris says she never cashed in on the film, her co-star and producer Rick reported $10 million he made off the X-rated home movie to the IRS after its first year of release. In 2011, Paris told talk show host Piers Morgan more? info… that her notorious tape was one of her biggest regrets. She said the footage was the most embarrassing, humiliating thing that has ever happened to me in my life. Paris, who has been dating boyfriend River Viiperi since September 2012, added that it was something she could never erase. <br>More:

Veolia Falls in Paris as EDF Sells Stake Below Market Price

Frances production outlook slid to minus 16 in November from minus six the month before, numbers released yesterday by national statistics office Insee showed. Because of the economic crisis, companies are hesitating visit this page to move, are hiring less or even cutting jobs, so demand is much weaker, Philippe Depoux, CEO of Gecina SA (GFC) , Pariss largest publicly traded office landlord, said in an interview. In 2014, vacancy rates will continue to edge up, demand wont improve, and rents will continue to trend lower. Stay or Go? Average headline rents for new, redeveloped or renovated space in Paris fell 13 percent in the third quarter from a year earlier to 467 euros per square meter, and leases for second-hand offices fell 1 percent to 396 euros, according to DTZ. As more companies seek to renegotiate contracts to cut rents, pressure is mounting on landlords and on construction companies such as Bouygues SA (EN) whose pipeline for new buildings is shrinking. Bouygues, based in Paris, said on Nov. <br>More:

By Margaret Eby / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, November 27, 2013, 6:15 PM "Home Alone" star Macaulay Culkin swans through Paris with new girlfriend Jordan Lane Price. Macauley Culkin isn't staying home alone anymore. The 33-year-old former child actor was spotted canoodling in Paris with a new brunette, soap opera actress Jordan Lane Price. The two were swanning about the city of love, later Kim Kardashian spotted holding hands and kissing at Cafe de Flore. Price is an actress, best known for her role as Celia Fitzgerald in the soap opera "All My view site... Children." Chris Polk/FilmMagic Culkin dated Mila Kunis for eight years before the two split up in 2011. "She's a cool chick based in New York," an insider told Us Weekly, confirming the match . "She's into good music and they hang out in the same parts of New York. <br>More:

The sale follows a deal unveiled last month to split Veolia and EDFs Dalkia energy-services company after a legal wrangle over future ownership. Separation of the utilities is a reversal of a plan by EDF Chief Executive Officer Henri Proglio when he took the helm in 2009 to develop closer ties with Veolia. He had previously headed and spent almost all his career at Veolia. The tough relationship between Proglio and Veolia check it out CEO Antoine Frerot made impossible any plan for EDF to raise its stake, Emmanuel Retif, a Raymond James analyst in Paris, said in a note. EDF no longer had a reason to keep its stake. Proglio left as a director on Veolias board last year while EDF was suing Veolia over ownership of Dalkia. Before taking over at EDF, he told members of the French Senate that the power and water utilities would work together beyond Dalkia and may develop synergies in energy and foreign markets. <br>More:

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